Upcoming Events
2017 Annual Meeting
The annual association meeting and gathering after will be on Sunday, August 27th at 4:00 p.m.at the home of Kathy & Ed Siranosian at 25 Weathervane Lane. See the annual meeting page for more information.

2017 Annual Adult Cocktail Party
Amy and Jim Rogers will be hosting this year's annual cocktail party at their house on 1 Foxcroft Lane from 4 to 6 pm on Saturday, July 15th. Please mark your calendars and watch for updates by mail, by email and on the CSA website.

2017 Potluck
The family party will be on Saturday, June 3rd at 1 pm after the Beach Cleanup and will be held at the home of Bruce and Helen Jillson at 10 Carleton Drive East.

Tennis Courts
The Carleton Shores tennis courts are managed and maintained by the Carleton Shores Association and are open to all Carleton Shores residents and their guests. Play is on a first come, first served basis. Enjoy the courts, but please respect the rules posted at the courts.


Welcome to the official website of the Carleton Shores Neighborhood Association. Here you will find information about our neighborhood including history, upcoming events, beach news, and association policies and guidelines.



Notice regarding beach parking passes

The CSA parking tag policy has changed. As you know, each lot has been assigned four numbered tags. If you lose a tag, and want a new one, please contact Kathy Siranosian, (508)833-4623. Before receiving a new set of tags, you must return whatever tags remain from your set of four, and you will be charged $25 for each missing tag. If you sell your house or lot, all four tags must be returned, or you will be charged $25 for each missing tag.
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At the Annual Meeting, Marianne DePamphilis was elected and Kathy Siranosian and Kandi Zarba were re-elected to 3 year terms.
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Neighborhood Association Bylaws
The association bylaws contain important information regarding the purpose of the Carleton Shores Neighborhood Association, its mission, and all the restrictions and covenants that govern our neighborhood.

Social Media
Carleton Shores Members, please join the Carleton Shores Neighborhood Association closed group on Facebook

Building and Planning
Thinking of adding a screen porch or building a shed? Make sure you consult the Carleton Shores Neighborhood Association construction requirements and procedures which has been revised in 2016.

All new construction needs to be approved by the building and planning committee.

Annual Budget
The members present at the Annual Meeting voted and approved the 2015 budget as proposed by the Board. The board was pleased to note that budget, as proposed, did not call for any increase. The annual dues for the year 2016 remain at $300 per lot.
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Annual Newsletter
The CSA annual newsletter is mailed in February.
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