Parking Lot Duty

During the busy summer season, the beach parking lot is staffed by neighborhood volunteers on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from June through Labor Day. This ensures that only Carleton Shores residents and their guests are enjoying our beautiful beach.

Each year, the same loyal people always volunteer for this thankless duty. The additional homes built in our neighborhood and the influx of larger families have put a strain on our small beach and parking area. Remember that this all-volunteer effort helps to keep our annual budget low and prevents our beach and parking lot from being crowded with outsiders.

Please volunteer when the next signup sheet is mailed.

Volunteer Beach Parking duties

Kathy Siranosian is going to manage the volunteer beach parking schedule this summer. If you have volunteered you will receive a schedule in early June showing all volunteers and dates of coverage. If for some reason you cannot cover your assigned slot, please attempt to switch with someone else on the schedule and let Kathy know you have done so. Thank you for your cooperation. This program has been very successful is keeping our beach parking lot available for residents and their guests on summer weekends.

A set of answers to frequently available questions

If you haven't yet volunteered to man the beach parking lot, please do so. It is a great way to meet your neighbors.

View the 2017 parking lot duty schedule as PDF document »


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