Parking Lot Volunteers

During the busy summer season, the beach parking lot is staffed by neighborhood volunteers on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from June through Labor Day. This ensures that Carleton Shores residents and their guests can enjoy our beautiful beach.

Each year, the same loyal people volunteer for this thankless duty. The additional homes built in our neighborhood and the influx of larger families have put a strain on our small beach and parking area. Remember that this all-volunteer effort helps to keep our annual budget low and ensures that our beach and parking lot are available for Carleton Shores residents and their guests.

Please volunteer when the next signup sheet is mailed.

Beach Parking Lot Volunteer Duties

Greg Dundorf (with help from Rebecca Reeves and Jayne Burke) manage the volunteer beach parking schedule. If you have volunteered you will receive a schedule in early June showing all volunteers and dates of coverage. If for some reason you cannot cover your assigned slot, please attempt to switch with someone else on the schedule. Greg’s phone is (908) 500-3933 and email is [email protected]. Thank you for your participation! This program has been very successful is keeping our beach parking lot available for residents and their guests.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Beach Parking Lot Volunteers FAQs

Thank you to the many volunteers who monitor the CSA beach parking lot each summer! The following FAQs are intended to clarify what is expected of volunteers and to help make your shift as effective and pleasant as possible.

    1. Why do we monitor the CSA Beach parking lot? We monitor the lot to ensure that parking is available for CSA residents and their guests.
    2. Who can park in the CSA Beach parking lot? Every car in the lot must display a current beach parking tag. No exceptions! All homeowners have been issued four beach tags.The current tags are the white plastic, numbered hang tags and no other types of tags are in use.
    3. What will happen if someone parks without displaying a current tag? Ask all drivers to show their beach tag if it’s not clearly visible. Cars that don’t have a current tag are subject to towing. Tips: You may have to walk over to the car if they don’t stop when entering the lot. Point out the towing signs clearly visible in our parking lot.
    4. What if someone says they’re a guest, but they don’t have a current tag? Guests must obtain beach tags from their hosts, as they run the risk of being towed if they park without one.
    5. What if someone without a tag parks illegally, even after being warned not to? Advise that if they leave their car it may not be there when they return because towing is enforced. Tip: Point out the towing signs clearly visible in our parking lot.
    6. Can cars without tags park on the street? No. Carleton Shores is a private neighborhood. Both the beach parking lot and the streets are maintained privately, with CSA dues. Unauthorized parking on the street is not permitted and unauthorized cars may be towed.
    7. Where are the closest public beaches? The closest public beaches are Sandy Neck Beach in Barnstable and East Sandwich Beach off Ploughed Neck Road.
    8. Who can I call if I need more info? Former CSA President Helen Jillson lives just down the street from the parking lot, and you may call her at 508-888-1786 if you need reinforcements for any reason.
    9. While we almost never have any problems, please remember that you should not engage anyone who becomes confrontational. Instead, note their license plate number and type of vehicle and report it to Bill Curran or Mike Myers after your shift. If you have a camera phone, you can also take a photo of the vehicle and license plate. Your safety is of primary importance.

If you haven’t yet volunteered for beach parking lot duty, please do so. It is a great way to meet your neighbors!

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